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TEC software is offered at no charge. We believe built environments will be improved if more buildings are tested. Automated testing and data collection is a key aspect of meeting this goal.

Our software is offered in 3 categories. Select below and you will be brought to an offering overview with links to download the software directly.

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Measurement Software
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  • Duct Leakage
  • Pressure
Other Software
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Measurement Software

TEC Auto Test

Latest Release May 2021, Version 1.8.0 What’s new: – Added Wind Assistant™ feature to make it easier to get accurate and repeatable envelope test results in windy weather. – Added French language support. – Performance...

TEC Gauge

Please note:  TEC Gauge (formerly iTEC-700) is a mobile app and cannot be downloaded directly from TEC. It can only be downloaded from either the Google Play or iTunes app store. TEC Gauge is TEC’s...


TECs premier software for data logging and conducting big building air leakage tests. Now compatible with the TEC DG-1000! TECLOG4 is designed to monitor and store data from up to 16 DG-1000’s, DG-700’s, DG-500’s or...


TECBLAST 1.2 helps you sell profitable duct testing and repair services by quickly analyzing duct airtightness test results. TECBLAST’s user friendly entry screens and choice of professional looking reports makes it simple and fast to...


Now compatible with the TEC DG-1000! TECTITE 4.0  (WiFi) is The Energy Conservatory’s building airtightness test analysis programs for Windows-based computers. TECTITE makes it easier than ever to conduct fully automated blower door tests, and...

Training Software

DG-700 Connect

DG-700 Connect software is a training and quality assurance (QA) tool that allows users to project a virtual image of one or more connected DG-700 digital pressure gauges on a computer monitor/projector screen. The functions...

Software Accessories