• TEC’s premier software for big building (whole building) & multi-family testing as well as long-term data logging applications.
  • TECLOG4 is designed to monitor and store data from up to 16 DG-1000’s, DG-700’s, DG-500’s or APT devices, and to provide computerized control of multiple Minneapolis Blower Door™ fans.
  • Data connections can either be wired using CAT5 cable, or wireless using the DG-1000 or TEC WiFi Links (when used with a DG-700 or DG-500) along with a router.
  • TECLOG4 is the only software available that lets you see and track real-time building pressure and fan flow measurements, all possible because of our unique and easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • During air leakage tests, TECLOG4’s electronic averaging of multiple building envelope pressures integrated with a Master Cruise Control makes computerized control of multiple blower doors a snap.
  • Users can quickly select time periods to use in air tightness test results, and review and print test results using built-in calculation and reporting features, including a USACE, E3158 compliant reports.
  • TECLOG4 makes it easy to configure data logging features including sampling rates, auto-zero intervals, pressure channel types and graph display options.

Major Updates in Version

  • Added ASTM E3158 reporting
  • Allow test pressures up to 5000 Pa
  • Added metric units (including M3/hr & Liters/second)
  • Improved flow calculations for Micro Leakage Meter (MLM)
  • Improved user interface, including displaying selected units on main graph