TECTITE Express 5.0

TECTITE Express 5.0 Screenshot

TECTITE Express 5.0 (WiFi) is The Energy Conservatory’s international building airtightness test analysis program for PC computers. This program make it easier than ever to conduct fully automated Blower Door tests, and to analyze and store Blower Door test data. The program’s built-in report generator and graphing capabilities makes it simple for you document and present the results of a Blower Door test to a homeowner or client. This program is compatible with manual Blower Door testing (i.e. manual data entry), and fully automated tests using our DG-1000 or DG-700 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge.

Features of TECTITE Express 5.0 (WiFi)

  • Designed specifically for use with Minneapolis Blower Door systems.
  • Easy entry of all test settings and building information, and quick report generation.
  • Calculation and display of building airtightness test results including CFM50, air changes per hour, leakage areas, and building leakage curve.
  • Manual data entry mode allows you to easily enter manually collected test data.
  • Automated testing feature provides computerized control of Blower Door fan and automated flow and pressure measurements. Reduces operator error, eliminates time spent zeroing gauges, and ensures that tests are conducted the same way every time.
  • “Pause Feature” allows the automated test to be temporarily paused and then re-started at the pause point.
  • Semi-auto test option allows computerized data collection while manually controlling the Blower Door fan.
  • Measure, record and report up to 6 additional building zone pressures during the automated Blower Door test (can use multiple DG-700 gauges or an APT system).
  • “Deviations from Standard” reporting function.
  • Data point deletion option.
  • Real-time Air Change Per Hour at 50 Pa (ACH50) calculation during “Cruise Control”. On-screen display is useful for quickly estimating building leakage rates before conducting a full test.
  • Program Help screens make program operation very user friendly.
  • WiFi connection for automated testing when the DG-1000 is used, or when the DG-700 is used with the TEC WiFi Link.
  • Built-in PDF file report generator.
  • Choice of four airtightness test standards: ASTM E779-10, CGSB 149.10-M86, EN 13829 and ISO 9972-15.
  • Can combine both pressurization and depressurization tests in the same test file.
  • Choice of English and Metric (SI) units.