Now compatible with the TEC DG-1000!

TECTITE 4.0  (WiFi) is The Energy Conservatory’s building airtightness test analysis programs for Windows-based computers. TECTITE makes it easier than ever to conduct fully automated blower door tests, and to analyze and store blower door test data.

The program’s built-in report generator and graphing capabilities makes it simple for you document and present the results of a blower door test to a homeowner or client. The programs is compatible with manual blower door testing (i.e. manual data entry), and fully automated tests using the DG-1000 or DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge.

Features of TECTITE 4.0 (WiFi)

  • Designed specifically for use with Minneapolis Blower Door systems.
  • Easy entry of all test settings and building information, and quick report generation.
  • Calculation and display of building airtightness test results including CFM50, air changes per hour, leakage areas, and building leakage curve.
  • Manual data entry mode allows you to easily enter manually collected test data.
  • Automated testing feature provides computerized control of Blower Door fan and automated flow and pressure measurements.
  • Reduces operator error, eliminates time spent zeroing gauges, and ensures that tests are conducted the same way every time.
  • “Pause Feature” allows the automated test to be temporarily paused and then re-started at the pause point.
  • Semi-auto test option allows computerized data collection while manually controlling the Blower Door fan.
  • Measure, record and report up to 6 additional building zone pressures during the automated Blower Door test (can use multiple DG-700 gauges).
  • “Deviations from Standard” reporting function. Data point deletion option. Real-time Air Change Per Hour at 50 Pa (ACH50) calculation during “Cruise Control.”
  • On-screen display is useful for quickly estimating building leakage rates before conducting a full test.
  • Program Help screens make program operation very user friendly.
  • WiFi connection for automated testing when the DG-1000 is used, or when the DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge is used with the TEC WiFi Link.
  • Built-in PDF file report generator.
  • Choice of 4 airtightness test standards: CGSB 149.10-M86 and the 3 RESNET test standards including One-Point, Multi-Point and Repeated Single-Point procedures.
  • Calculates estimated natural annual infiltration rate and the annual cost of air leakage.
  • Calculates need for mechanical ventilation based on estimated annual natural infiltration rates and ASHRAE 62.2-10 whole building ventilation guideline.
  • Estimated design infiltration rates can be used in Manual J load calculations.
  • Choice of report formats including a simple easy-to-read homeowner report, or a detailed technical report.
  • Compare feature generates test result comparison report for any two previously saved building files.