Webinar Topics Poll Results

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A few months ago we asked people to take our short poll about what topics they’d like to see covered in upcoming webinars.

Over the next few months TEC will be scheduling webinars based on these poll results. We have already scheduled a duct leakage testing webinar! Click here to learn more and to register.

Here are the results!

The top 5 webinar topics people want are:

5. Wireless Blower Door Tests and Multi-Family Building Air Leakage Testing (tie)

4. Codes and Standards Update

3. Residential Air Leakage Testing

2. Issues in Accuracy

And the webinar topic people want the most is…

1. Advanced Duct Leakage Testing Using the Minneapolis Duct Blaster®

See the image below for the full results of the poll. Thank you to everyone who participated!


Future webinar poll results