TEC WiFi Link Coming to an End

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September 16, 2019

Several years ago, TEC developed an add on product to provide the ability to connect the DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge to a computer or network wirelessly.  That product was the TEC WiFi link.  It had the ability to add WiFi connectivity to virtually all of our more than 40,000 DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauges.  After selling several thousand of these add ons, we have run out of parts.  As of right now there are less than 50 units available for sale.  When they are sold, the WiFi Link will no longer be available.

The combination of the DG-700 and the WiFi link are now built as a single unit – the DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge.  In addition, the DG-1000 has Ethernet, USB, WiFi and now Bluetooth capability in a neatly designed package that provides you with more accurate readings, greater range and easier connections.

We are going to offer a Trade-In for any WiFi Link that you send in toward the purchase of a DG-1000 or any kit that includes a DG-1000.  When you send in your WiFi Link you will receive $200 off the purchase of a DG-1000 or any kit with a DG-1000.  This is strictly one for one.  One WiFi Link equals $200 on one DG-1000.  Two WiFi Links equals $400 off of two DG-1000.  Your trade in cannot be used as a credit toward any other purchases or services or as a credit to your account.

To take advantage of this trade-in offer, you must submit an Equipment Service Form with your WiFi Link and writing on the form that you want to take advantage of the trade-in offer.  To download the Equipment Service Form, click here.