TEC announces the WiFi Link

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June 2013 – The Energy Conservatory (TEC) announces the release of the TEC WiFi Link, a new accessory for the DG-700 and DG-500 Pressure Gauges. This new technology creates a wireless network that can be utilized by any computer or iOS mobile device with WiFi capability. This allows the user to monitor and control the gauge without the limitations of wired connections. There is no need to buy a new gauge to go wireless, the TEC WiFi Link works with all DG-700 and DG-500 gauges with serial numbers 349 or higher.

“This technology fits perfectly into TEC’s goal of providing users with the most up-to-date tools and procedures so they can efficiently deliver high-quality building performance services. The TEC WiFi Link adds the power and convenience of wireless communication to what is already the most widely used line of digital pressure gauges in the industry,” said TEC General Manager Rob Nevitt.

The TEC WiFi Link will work with TEC’s free TECTITE 4.0 (WiFi) software for Windows-based computers, and on iOS mobile devices with TEC’s iTEC-700 app installed. TECTITE 4.0 (WiFi) is available for download on TEC’s website, and the iTEC-700 app is available in the Apple App Store. With the TECTITE 4.0 (WiFi) software users will be free to put their laptop anywhere in the building while conducting air leakage tests. The iTEC-700 app lets you remotely cruise your Blower Door or Duct Blaster® fan, or monitor combustion appliance zone pressures while walking around the house turning exhaust fans on and off.

Home performance trainers, building science professionals, utility personnel, energy raters, energy auditors, HVAC contractors, builders, remodelers, insulation contractors and weatherization professionals can all benefit by having the convenience of wireless communication when using TEC’s new TEC WiFi Link during air leakage tests.