What are the advantages of conducting automated blower door tests?

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With automated Blower Door testing, you will be able to perform more accurate and repeatable airtightness tests in windy weather conditions where manual testing is extremely difficult or sometimes impossible. By automating the test procedure, the DG-700 (along with the TECTITE software) is able to quickly gather and analyze hundreds of times more readings during a single test sequence than would be practical with a manual Blower Door test. Quickly collecting large samples of data in windy conditions greatly improves the repeatability of your test results.

Automated operation also eliminates many common operator errors and ensures that tests are performed the same way every time. During the automated test, the TECTITE software provides a series of on-screen messages to the operator to ensure that proper testing procedures are followed. It even tells you when to switch flow rings on the Blower Door fan. The software also detects common set-up and equipment problems (e.g. tubing connected to the wrong pressure tap) and provides appropriate warning messages to the operator.

If you are a frequent Blower Door user, automated testing should save you significant time. Automated operation eliminates the need to zero pressure gauges, adjust and tweak the fan speed, write down test data, and manually enter data into an analysis program. And the cruise control feature makes it much easier for 1 person to perform other test procedures such as pressure pan testing or zone pressure diagnostics.

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