New Gauge Reveal at ACI 2015

TEC unveiled the future of digital pressure gauges at the 2015 ACI National Home Performance Conference in New Orleans. If you were not there don’t worry; we’ll fill you in on the latest technology.

How We Planned Our New Gauge
About a year ago we did a survey of some of our key customers to find out exactly what you want in a digital pressure gauge. The results were not surprising: full color, touch screen and built-in WiFi were among the top features. We took the feedback we received and started working on a new gauge. We wanted to create something unique, versatile, rugged and future-proof, and with our customers’ valuable input, we did exactly that.

Introducing the Future of Digital Pressure Gauges

TEC front wtubes 1 update


The features of our new gauge include

    • Capacitive touch screen, not resistive
    • Full color
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Built-in USB, mini USB and Ethernet port
    • Field replaceable, rechargeable batteries
    • Future-proof technology
    • Runs on a custom-built operating system
    • Compatible with all TEC products
    • Landscape orientation for a distinctive look and feel

Capacitive Touch Screen Helps You on the Job
The capacitive touch screen will be a welcome change from some of the other touch screen devices on the market in our industry. The capacitive touch screen responds to your touch, without the need to apply any pressure, just like a smartphone or tablet. The new gauge will have a fan speed control slider, just like our iTEC-700 mobile app. With the capacitive touch screen, adjusting the fan speed will be as easy as unlocking your smartphone or tablet! Just swipe your finger, and the fan will speed up or slow down. Because the new gauge will have this type of touch screen, users will find it to be responsive and easy to use.

Future-Proof Technology Makes TEC’s New Gauge Timeless
The use of future-proof technology sets our gauge apart in the marketplace. Think of our new gauge as any other piece of current technology. You will be able to update the software, adding more features and functionality as needed. Because the new gauge will run on a custom-built operating system, making it more like a mini computer, the possibilities are almost endless. When the gauge is released it will be fully functional and will do everything the DG-700 currently does, and then some. Users and TEC can add features as necessary, making the gauge an invaluable tool for anyone in the industry.

Technology Is Compatible with All TEC Products for Seamless Integration
All TEC products will work with the new gauge, including all new products we release in the future. When a new product is released we will also provide an update to the gauge. You have the option to install updates, equipping your gauge with the new product.

What ACI Conference Attendees Thought of the New Gauge
We took two 3D mock-up gauges to the ACI conference in New Orleans to see what attendees thought about it. The overall message was clear: People are excited for a new gauge from TEC! One customer noted the gauge’s unique design by saying, “It has the perfect amount of fancy.” Our team at TEC couldn’t agree more!

new gauge3


You can get your hands on the latest and greatest gauge in November 2015.

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