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Ever Wonder why Minneapolis Blower Door™ has its Name?

Because our company is located in Minneapolis.  In fact, it is located in a GREAT Neighborhood we are proud to call our home for more than 20 years.  BUT – our neighborhood has gone through a very hard week.  And it is not just our neighborhood or the Minneapolis area, but the broader global community, that has been impacted by the tragic death of George Floyd and the injustice it represents.  We believe in and support the fight for justice.

Based on the events of the past week, we would like our customers and friends to know that we experienced a temporary interruption in our business due to the riots – but are back to shipping again!  We were not able to ship orders last Friday and Monday.  We began shipping again Tuesday (6/2), and are ramping up to full capability by the end of this week – including calibrations.  We thank-you for your patience and understanding.  Please share this update with others you think may be impacted.


Below is a little more info about what is happening in the neighborhood…

This is a map of our immediate neighborhood showing the damage (Crowd-sourced from Google Maps).
The Energy Conservatory is the red pin in the top left.


The blue policeman is the 3rd precinct police station.  This is a shot of that police station from Thursday night.

Our hearts go out to the dozens of businesses in our neighborhood who have not been as lucky as we have. 

The Lake Street Target is located at the Red Flame and broken glass icons directly across Hiawatha Ave. from TEC.  This is a shot of the Target from Thursday

And here is a shot of an new apartment building that was being put up on Lake Street nearby

A couple shots of the HI-LAKE Shopping Center, which is directly at our back loading dock.  The first shot is taken from our dock on Friday (5/29)  as the roof was still burning.  The second shot is from the front of the shopping center on Saturday (5/30).  You can see the Greenway TEC Building through the gap created by the fire.


The road to justice is long… but our neighborhood (and Minneapolis in general)  is starting the process of recovering with the help of volunteers and community.

One of the great organizations in the area is The Lake Street Council.  As of Wednesday, June 3rd, they have raised:  $4,300,612 from over 53,000 people.

Much of the money will help the small businesses get back up and running.  A portion of the money will go directly to support George Floyds family.  You can read more here:




This is a great poster we saw in our neighborhood.  We also felt great about all the people from the community who are out cleaning out the debris from all the damage.


They have now put up a new pole for the power line that goes into our building – so things are looking up!