HVAC 2.0 – An Opportunity for you and your Minneapolis Blower Door™?

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HVAC 2.0 – an Opportunity for You and Your Minneapolis Blower Door™?

Even if you are not an HVAC contractor, you may have heard of HVAC 2.0 (previously Home Performance 2.0).  HVAC 2.0 is a process developed by Nate Adams of Energy Smart Home Performance.  The intent of the HVAC 2.0 process is to help HVAC contractors educate homeowners and offer better solutions to issues which impact home performance.  The approach encourages a more thorough analysis of the root-cause of issues impacting comfort, health, durability, and energy – and then helps the HVAC Contractor provide the homeowner with the assessment and viable options to resolve the issues.

 So why are we highlighting it here?  Because one of the tests that HVAC 2.0 typically recommends is a Blower Door test, and it may be an opportunity for people who already own a Minneapolis Blower Door to support these contractors as they educate homeowners and run blower door tests.  If this sounds interesting, you should visit their website – HVAC20.com – and consider signing up for the free account to get a feel for what they are up to.

Also, stay tuned as they are working on some communication and database you can join which connects HVAC contractors to trained blower door professionals.