The Energy Conservatory’s New Blower Door Kit

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by Peter Yost

TEC did its homework: its new blower door package is a truly engineered and integrated equipment system

I don’t do blower door work every day, but I do enough of it to appreciate the attention to detail that The Energy Conservatory (TEC) built into its new blower door kit. The kit features a digital pressure and air flow gauge, the DG-1000.

I have used both TEC and Retrotec blower door kits and found them trustworthy and rugged. And I once asked TEC principal Gary Nelson if there were any reasons we should include just one of the two blower door equipment options in our BuildingGreen-approved products directory. “Hmm…you are giving me a golden marketing opportunity,” started Gary, “but to be honest, both companies make good equipment; you should list them both.”

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