Discontinuing FlowBlaster Accessory Kit

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As of January 2017 TEC will discontinue selling the FlowBlaster Capture Hood Accessory Kit for the Duct Blaster Fan.

The portability of the FlowBlaster relies on a unique lithium-ion battery and some very expensive parts. Due to rising costs as well as significant quality issues related to the battery pack we do not believe that the FlowBlaster maintains the level of quality and value you expect from The Energy Conservatory.

We will continue to support the FlowBlaster units that have been sold by providing service and parts as long as we have useable inventory.

Support documents, such as product manuals, for the FlowBlaster can be found on our website.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • Kim Ewers said

    If the affordability is because of the battery system and portability, why not make the system with a cord? The powered flow hood is the most accurate and , while it is possible to use the duct blaster as a powered flow hood it is quite clumsy. If the hood attachment and handles were available for a duct blaster fan and you simply needed an extension cord to make it run, it would still be much better than adapting the fan with the long duct and a fabricated hood/box and it would be much more accurate for low residential flows than other flow hoods on the market.

  • Frank Spevak said

    The Series B Fan (Duct Blaster Fan) has a corded controller that can be used as long as it has a fan speed control connection jack. Possible issues are length of cord and holding the controller for optimum portability. The handles are available as a part – Item number FBLASTHDL, FlowBlaster Fan Handle Kit – and is $40. More news on the FlowBlaster Kit will be coming out soon.

    Frank Spevak