Upgrade to the DG-1000

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Looking to Upgrade your Gauge to a DG-1000?

  • Are you doing more multi-point tests?
  • Are you spending evenings compiling data and writing test reports?
  • Are you looking to automate your testing – and report generation?

We have GOOD NEWS for our loyal TEC Minneapolis users…

  • You can simplify your testing, upgrade your QA approach, and save time writing reports by using a DG-1000 along with the TEC Auto Test app.
  • Only the DG-1000 can automatically Bluetooth connect to your iOS and Android device. This delivers the easiest approach for automated testing and data collection.
  • If you don’t need automated testing, the DG-1000 provides unequaled performance for manual testing with its large color touch-screen, built-in tubing assistant app, and intuitive layout and icons.

We have even BETTER NEWS…

  • Get $400 off List Price of DG-1000 plus a protective boot when you trade-in your DG-700
  • Fill out the form at the link below and send in the second page with your gauge(s):
  • DG-1000 Upgrade Form
    • Please note that your DG-700 gauge(s) for trade-in must be received at The Energy Conservatory office to be eligible for the discount.
    • This promotion is not combinable with any other discounts.