DG-1000 Calibration Interval Extended to 4-years

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DG-1000 Calibration Interval Extended to 4-years



The DG-1000 has been released for over 4 years, and we have sufficient supporting data to extend its calibration interval.  The chart below shows the amount of drift as a % (vertical axis) we see on both DG-1000 and DG-700 gauges based on how long it has been since its last calibration in years (horizontal axis).  The stated accuracy of the DG-1000 is +/- 0.9%, and the DG-700 is +/- 1.0%.

The DG-1000 (in BLACK) not only drifts less, it also has a tighter distribution than the DG-700 (in RED).  With this data in place, we are making this change as of July 1.  Note that the DG-700 remains at 2-year calibration interval.


We will continue to monitor the returns to confirm the DG-1000 conformance to spec over time.

Here is an extra bit of good news.  This change is RETROACTIVE – meaning it is valid for all DG-1000’s.  Read the calibration date on the back of your DG-1000 and add 4 years (48 months) to determine the next calibration date.

For example, the gauge shown to the left was calibrated on Dec 30, 2020.  Therefore, the next calibration is due on Dec 30, 2024.