Airtightness Software to Comply with the Latest RESNET Standards

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For many years TEC has provided airtightness testing software for both building tests and duct tests.  For the PC/Windows world that software was TECTITE but only for building airtightness testing.  For ductwork the software was TECBLAST but was only a manual entry type of program.  It could not take data directly from any of our gauges as TECTITE does.  While we will continue to make TECTITE and TECBLAST available on our website, we will no longer be updating them to the very latest standards.  Presently, TECTITE with its latest update version 4.0, allows for connecting by WiFi to your DG-1000 and performing a test to RESNET Chapter 8.  RESNET now has Standard 380 which was originally published in 2016 and there is a 2019 version available.  TECTITE will also perform a test compatible to CGSB.

Enter the world of mobile devices.  Studies show that more people are bringing mobile devices to the job site for a greater number of tests and reports.  This shift to mobile devices has grown steadily over the last few years. Auditors, testers, energy raters are using cell phones and tablets, Apple or Android, to have greater access to software that are either web-based or is built specifically for the phone or tablet and resides on the device.  TEC started developing mobile platform apps back in 2012 with the development of the WiFi Link for the DG-700.  This allowed almost all of the tens of thousands of DG-700 Gauges to talk to mobile devices.  Our first program was TEC Gauge.  This is a very simple program to see and capture results from any sort of test.  There are no specific testing protocols in TEC Gauge.  But you can email out a report to a homeowner or builder.  Now you can send out XML so that other auditing software can read the data from the email that you send from your mobile device.

We then added Auto Test for both Apple and Android.  Auto Test has built in testing protocols, such RESNET 380, IECC 2012/15, California Title 24 and more.  Automated tests, whether single point or multi point are performed by your mobile device communicating to your DG-1000 Gauge.   In addition, you can create your own set of testing protocols.  And whether you are doing a building envelope or duct leakage test, pre-test, rough or final test, you are able to group all of the tests within a single project.  You can email the report as a pdf or now, with the latest update in both iOS and Android, you can email out XML that is importable into other programs.

We have provided a handy chart to provide you with a comparison of the various software and apps.   The chart will indicate which software/apps are compatible with which operating system as well as the different features available within each software/app.  We do not have any software or apps that are compatible with Macs.  But the way Apple seems to be going you might be able to use one of mobile apps on your Mac.  We’ll watch for future announcements.

Click here to see/download the chart.