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Buy your TEC DG-1000 today! To place an order, please call TEC directly at 612-827-1117 or order from one of the TEC distributors. Please note the DG-1000 is only available to customers in the US and Canada right now. TEC will make an announcement when the DG-1000 is available in other countries.

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Introducing the TEC DG-1000

With the industry success of the DG-700 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge, our team at The Energy Conservatory (TEC) knew it was time to begin researching and conceptualizing a new, innovative, and performance-driven version of the digital gauge for 2016. An invaluable tool for anyone in the building performance industry, the TEC DG-1000 provides the accuracy you expect from TEC devices and superior versatility.

Why the TEC DG-1000?

Our team knew the features we wanted in our new gauge, but we also needed to hear from our key customers. The feedback has been essential! With your valuable insight we took the first step to revamp the digital gauge. Various gauge layouts and designs were presented internally and the results became quite clear: customers want better performance and great accuracy – no gimmicks! For over a year we’ve been actively building the TEC DG-1000 to be exactly that – the future of gauges! Plus, the TEC DG-1000 offers a long list of new and improved features we’re particularly excited about.

TEC DG-1000 Features: Functional and accurate

Is the TEC DG-1000 compatible with all TEC products?

TEC continues to set the standard for specialized air flow and pressure measuring devices. That being said, we understand the importance of smart, careful engineering and compatibility. That is why the TEC DG-1000 will be compatible with all TEC products. This includes any and all new TEC products that are released in the future!

TEC DG-1000 Pricing

The price of the TEC DG-1000, when purchased alone, is $1,450. Our team is ready to consult with you. If you’re a building performance professional, contact us today to learn more about the TEC DG-1000. And be sure to check this page and our blog often for product updates!

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