Underfloor air distribution (UFAD) is frequently used in office buildings, particularly highly-reconfigurable and open plan offices where raised floors are desirable for cable management. UFAD is also common in command centers, IT data centers and Server rooms that have large cooling loads from electronic equipment and requirements for routing power and data cables. The ASHRAE Underfloor Air Distribution Design Guide suggests that any building considering a raised floor for cable distribution should consider UFAD.

Commissioning of these systems is becoming increasingly common and the Duct Blaster® system is the perfect tool for this commissioning task.  For larger systems multiple Duct Blaster or blower door fans can be used. Check with TEC tech support for applications using blower door fans, as back pressure may be an issue.


Air Leakage Test Report

Appendix A: Air Leakage Testing Procedures

How the Commissioning Provider Can Facilitate a Successful Underfloor Air Distribution Project

General Contractor’s Guide for Constructing & Sealing Access Floor Air Plenums