mini blower doorMini Blower Door

Small houses or houses built to the more stringent energy savings standards have very small amount of leakage through the building envelope.  A standard Model 3 Blower Door can be more power than you need when regularly testing these energy efficient homes.

Another application for a Mini-Fan Blower Door System is individual apartment testing for multi-family buildings or when testing to LEED standards.  The lightweight frame, panel and fan allows you to move from one apartment to the next without disassembling the system, saving a huge amount of time.

The Energy Conservatory has everything you need to use a Duct Blaster® fan as a Blower Door.  If you already have a Duct Blaster System, we can provide you with the kit that includes all of the parts necessary to make a Blower Door Kit.  We also have a complete kit that includes the Duct Blaster fan and controller and the DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge.