For more than 25 years contractors have been responding to consumer demand for more energy-efficient and comfortable homes. Increased insulation levels, high-efficiency windows and furnaces and the use of airtight housewraps and sheathings have all been responses to the new home buying market. But simply adding a few energy efficiency products to your houses is no longer enough. Today, consumers are concerned about indoor air quality, as well as comfort and low fuel bills.

You will sell more houses if they are comfortable, safe and energy-efficient.

Integrated system components such as mechanical ventilation, sealed combustion appliances and tight building techniques are quickly becoming demanded features in new homes throughout the United States. These systems work together to control air leakage, provide adequate ventilation and ensure safe operation of combustion appliances. Testing the airtightness of your homes is a key component to ensuring that these new systems work properly.

You can reduce the number of unhappy customers and costly call backs.

Many call backs can be traced to either building the house too tight without mechanical ventilation, or not tight enough allowing uncontrolled air flow to cause comfort and durability problems. Testing the airtightness of your houses will help you identify and eliminate the construction problems which are creating your unhappy customers.

Knowing how your houses “perform,” will give you a competitive advantage with your buyers.

Added value and attention to detail are important considerations of every home buyer. If you test the performance of your houses, you have documented proof that you have taken the extra steps to make sure the home buyer will enjoy a safe, comfortable and energy-efficient house. This gives you added credibility and gives your buyers peace of mind. And you are creating a reputation for quality and professionalism.

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