Many building performance problems are caused by complex interactions of variables including temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide and changes in building pressures caused by mechanical systems such as fans and duct imbalances. Data logging systems are increasingly being used to diagnose these performance problems because they allow you to see how a number of variables interact as conditions change.

Monitoring small changes in building pressures is often the key factor needed to diagnose complex performance problems. For example, the figure below shows the output screen from our TECLOG software which used a TEC Automated Perfomance Testing (APT) System to capture a combustion appliance backdrafting event in a house. By monitoring small changes in basement and flue pressures, along with temperature and carbon monoxide levels over a 7 day period, the APT system was able to determine the cause of the backdfrafting event.

Typical data logging applications using the APT system:

  • Analyze the cause of a CO alarm event.
  • Determine causes of high humidity and mold problems.
  • Investigate causes of pressure imbalances in buildings with complex ventilation and air handling systems.
  • Determine conditions causing backdrafting of combustion appliances.

Our data logging software (TECLOG) can also be used with our DG-700 digital pressure gauge to data log pressures in buildings.