White Paper: TEC DG-1000 Accuracy Specifications

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White Paper: An Explanation of the DG-1000 Accuracy Specifications



Introduction and Background
The purpose of this document is to explain the details of the accuracy specifications for the DG-1000 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge, and how the overall uncertainty of the gauge was determined.

Manufacturers of measuring instruments publish accuracy specifications to give users an idea of how accurately the instrument is capable of measuring a particular value. However, how these specifications are determined may vary widely from one manufacturer to another. The specifications of one manufacturer may be applicable only under conditions almost identical to those in the calibration laboratory, while another manufacturer’s specifications may be applicable under a wide variety of conditions where the instrument is expected to be used; this results in an “apples to oranges” comparison that is not useful to users of the instrument.



1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Methodology
4. Components of Uncertainty
5. Combined Standard Uncertainty and Expanded Uncertainty
6. Conclusion
7. References

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