Upcoming Price Increase Announcement

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Effective March 15, 2017, The Energy Conservatory will increase the price of the DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge, the DG-500 Pressure Gauge and all airtightness testing kits that include a DG-700 Gauge.

In addition to overall increases in various parts, labor and other costs for our products, the DG-700 and DG-500 face an unusual situation in that we are running out of key, unique parts. When we introduced the DG-1000, one of the reasons for the redesign was that we knew that certain parts that provide the brains of the DG-700 and 500 had become obsolete and were no longer being manufactured. Over the last several months we have been searching for more of these unique parts for the DG-700 and 500 and it appears there are no more easily accessible parts, and those that are available cost a premium over standard costs. It is also possible that in order to maintain enough parts to provide support and repair of the DG-700 and 500 for a number of years in the future, we may discontinue sales of the DG-700 and 500 by 2018.

Here are the new prices for our products

  • DG-700 – $1,085
  • DG-500 – $985
  • WiFi Link – $275
  • Model 3 Blower Door System with DG-700 – $3,005
  • Mini Fan Blower Door System with DG-700 – $2,605
  • Duct Blaster System with DG-700 – $2,305
We know the DG-700 has been a workhorse in our industry and was the first digital instrument to provide side by side, highly accurate readings throughout its range. We hope that with the latest advances in technology, the DG-1000 will be an even better everyday instrument for all of your pressure and airtightness testing needs.