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Welcome to TEC’s online Support/Training page!

This page houses all of our product brochures, manuals, quick guides, FAQ’s, etc.

This page also has a forum so you can post questions or answer other people’s questions about our products, testing procedures, codes and standards, and much more.

When you are on the Support/Training page you will notice the header of the page changed slightly. You will now see a Sign In button, along with two links: My Activities and Submit a Request. 

In order to access the forum you will need to click the Sign In button and create an account. (Please note: This account is separate from the one you will create for the Products page.) 

Submit a Request will allow you to email a question to TEC and also allow you to track the status of your question or request (you will be creating a ticket).

My Activities will take you to a page listing all requests (tickets) you have submitted to TEC, any questions you have asked, questions you have answered and discussions you are following.

If you’re viewing TEC’s online support from a mobile device then it’s likely you’re on the mobile version of the site. Unfortunately, the mobile version does not support the community forum. To access the community forum from a mobile device simply click the Go to Full Site link at the bottom of the page. Once you are on the full site you’ll be able to access the community forum from a mobile device. 

If you need help using TEC’s online Support/Training page please email

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