Price change July 22, 2019

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Beginning on Monday, July 22, 2019, The Energy Conservatory will be adjusting prices to most of our products.  The adjustment is approximately a 5% increase and is based on the rising costs of materials, manufacturing, shipping and other business expenses.  New price lists that you can download will be on the TEC website shortly.  Here are some of the prices of the main items sold in the US and Canada (export prices will be different):


Minneapolis Blower Door™ kit with DG-1000 Gauge – $3,650

Minneapolis Duct Blaster® kit with DG-1000 Gauge – $2,865

DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge – $1,575

Gauge Calibration – $135

Exhaust Fan Flow Meter – $230

TrueFlow® Air Handler Flow Meter – $895

Duct Mask™ Premium Register Tape 8” case – $210

Systems Price List July 2019