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At our latest Train the Trainer event, we spent a lot of time talking about apps and software.  This is a very important topic because, as was described in our last email, there is a growing trend to document electronically all the tests that are being done on a house or building.  So last time we provided you with a link to the app and software comparison chart to help you decide which one you need.  (We are providing it again here as well.)

At the Train the Trainer event, Rob Nevitt of TEC provided a great session to describe and discuss each of our major pieces of software and apps.  While TECLOG was discussed, it is primarily for multi-fan, multi-gauge testing or datalogging.  Most of the attendees would not have benefited from a lengthy discussion about TECLOG.  That will be covered in a future training event.

To maybe give you a little more information about the apps and software from TEC, either available from the TEC website, or from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, here is a link to the presentation on apps and software.  Click here for the PDF of the presentation.