May 2016 TEC DG-1000 Update

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The TEC DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge continues to impress while we make progress. Over the last couple of months we have exhibited at a number of conferences and trade shows from Saratoga Springs to Arlington, VA to Scottsdale, AZ to Orlando to Dallas, Albuquerque, Austin, TX and places in between. At each new conference we have been showing the latest version of the operating system of the DG-1000 and new features that have been added since the last conference. The responses regarding the look, feel and action of the DG-1000 are very encouraging.

Our engineers have been incorporating new features to ready the gauge for release while at the same time running tests to ensure that we can use the DG-1000 with each of our existing products. Sometimes the new feature points out a different issue that needs to be resolved before moving forward. Testing also includes battery life and charging times, both wired and wireless connectivity, screen brightness and touch responsiveness, accuracy and range.

One feature of the DG-1000 is that it is updateable in the field. When TEC develops a new feature for the DG-1000 we want you to be able to connect to the Internet and retrieve that new feature so that your investment in the future of gauges is paying off. For updates it will not be necessary to send your gauge in to take advantage of the update. We will still recommend that you send in your gauge every two years for calibration.

An advantage of this update feature is the ability to add new functions. These new functions can be called applications or apps for short. Like going to the Apple or Google store to add new apps to your phone or tablet, you will be able to add new apps to your gauge. So as we are working on preparing the DG-1000 for shipment we are also looking at new apps to add in the future. We hope to have at least one new app within six months. Another is planned for shortly thereafter.

At present, we are still confident that we will be shipping the DG-1000 this summer. The carrying case is being finalized, quick guides and manuals are being prepared, sub-assemblies are being built, and refinements to the Gauge app and connections are being ironed out.

Watch our website and future newsletters for the release announcement.