March 2016 TEC DG-1000 Update

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Dear TEC Customer,

Thank you for being a customer of The Energy Conservatory (TEC). Whether you have our Minneapolis Blower Door™ or Duct Blaster® Systems, one of our flow products such as the TrueFlow® or use our DuctMask™ Premium Duct Register Sealing Tape, thank you. Everyone at TEC is committed to providing you with the best service and the best products.

After several months of planning and development, in May of 2015 we announced our latest product development with the unveiling of product mock-ups of the TEC DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge at the National Home Performance Conference in New Orleans. We wanted you, our customer, to see the direction TEC was going in order to provide you with truly new products and ideas. The TEC DG-1000 is a very bold project for us. When comparing the technology of the DG-700, which was first shipped just 12 years ago, to the TEC DG-1000, it is like comparing the flight of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk to the Apollo Space Program and landing a man on the moon. Internal programming code of the DG-700 was around 16 kilobytes, and currently the TEC DG-1000 is well into the hundreds of megabytes with more to be written.

Our goal with the TEC DG-1000 is to provide you with a gauge for today as well as for tomorrow. At the same time we will continue to uphold our values of producing accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instruments for measuring the built environment.

As the TEC DG-1000 has progressed from an idea into specifications, and then into product tooling and prototype testing, we have worked to keep you informed. Our engineers and programmers are working every day to make the TEC DG-1000 a reality as soon as possible.

Thank you for expressing your excitement and being a part of the buzz that has been surrounding the development of the TEC DG-1000. I also want to apologize for missing our expected ship date. Translating computer code into a product that is intuitive, easy-to-use and is capable of maintaining our standard for a superior product has taken longer than what we thought when we made our first prediction for shipping you the TEC DG-1000. Each new feature that we add to the base design requires testing and sometimes reworking. Making the interface clean and easy to read means several iterations of the various buttons, icons and numbers. And at the heart of the TEC DG-1000 is a superior pressure engine that has to be calibrated and tested under all sorts of conditions to ensure that regardless of what the gauge looks like, it is accurate and reliable.

We hope that you can wait a while longer as we finish all of the various details of the new TEC DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge.

On behalf of all of the employees at TEC and myself, thank you again for being our customer.


Gary Nelson