July 23, 2015

2015-03-11_0945          windows app data logging  

iTEC-700 for Windows

TEC has released a new version of its popular app, iTEC-700. This version will run on Windows-based computers and laptops, making it more than just a mobile app. iTEC-700 PC will enable you to update your existing TEC WiFi Link, giving the WiFi Link data logging capability. This is something our customers requested, and it has become a reality. Click here to download the software. Click here to download the user guide.


iTEC-700 for Android and iOS

A couple months ago TEC released an update to the existing Android version of iTEC-700 that includes one very important improvement; the ability to capture data. The same update was released in July 2015 for iTEC-700 on iOS devices. Now, when doing a wireless test using your TEC WiFi Link and iTEC-700, you can “capture” the data on your screen. That captured data will be stored in a document on your mobile device and then you can share it via email or any other file sharing app on your device.

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