It’s time to cut the cables and wirelessly control your TEC digital pressure and flow gauge!

droid tablet

Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing has never been easier! With the TEC WiFi Link, and iTEC-700 running on your mobile device, you can set up your gauge in the CAZ and view the changes in pressure on your mobile device caused by turning on exhaust fans. Blower door tests are also a breeze when you’re not being tied down by cables. You can control the fan using iTEC-700 on your mobile device, leaving you free to find the air leaks.

The TEC WiFi Link works with almost all DG-700 and DG-500 gauges (serial numbers 349 and higher). Once the TEC WiFi Link is attached to the gauge, a wireless network is created and the user can connect their Android or iOS mobile device to the network. Once connected it’s time to launch iTEC-700 and start conducting your test, wirelessly!


Here is how you can go wireless with your air leakage testing today! 

  1. Call TEC at 612-827-1117 and order a TEC WiFi Link (only $195)
  2. Download the iTEC-700 mobile app onto your Android or iOS mobile device
  3. Connect the WiFi Link to your gauge
  4. Connect your mobile device to the network your gauge/WiFi Link creates
  5. Start testing wirelessly!