Best Update for DG-1000!

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We are continually improving the DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge.  Our latest update is 1.4 which provides a number of improvements and enhancements.  But our biggest update was 1.3.  Below is information about that update.

After each of the previous updates we heard from customers about features they would like to see in the DG-1000 as well as improvements of existing features.  In this release we have made the most significant upgrades to the DG-1000 since it was first introduced.  Beginning today, all DG-1000 Gauges shipped from TEC will already include this update, Version 1.3.0(22).


New Features

  • Tubing Assistant – Biggest Update – After the user updates the DG-1000 the home screen has an added button or icon called Tubing Assistant.  This is designed for both new users as well as experienced testers.  The Tubing Assistant will guide the user through a series of questions to determine the proper tubing connection that ensures an accurate reliable measurement and is done in just a few seconds.  Colored tubing and gauge ports may accidentally allow the user to connect tubing from the fan and the house or duct which results in misleading or incorrect measurements.  The DG-1000 Tubing Assistant helps everyone in all situations make the correct connections.  You can see how the Tubing Assistant works by visiting our website where we have a version that everyone can use regardless of the TEC Gauge they have –
  • Air Handler Flow Mode – Big Update – The DG-1000 now has all of the functions for measuring and calculating Air Handler Flow whether it is through the Duct Blaster® Fan or through the TrueFlow® Air Handler Flow Meter.
  • Mode descriptions in Channel B Settings – The DG-1000 is extremely powerful and there are a number of measurement modes.  To help the user make the proper selection we have included a brief description of each mode.
  • Reset user preferences – This allows for an easy way to reset user preferences that may have been made back to the default settings.
  • Screen out hidden networks in WiFi scan – With each update we have improved the function of looking at WiFi networks.  With this update the DG-1000 will automatically screen out hidden networks so that you do not try to access very private networks.
  • Personal Hotspot on iPhones now works with AutoTest and TEC Gauge – You can now connect the DG-1000 through the Personal Hotspot settings on your iPhone which also allows for the iPhone to remain connected to the internet over WiFi.
  • Auto-checking for updates with 6 month notification – This feature will now keep track of when the DG-1000 last checked for updates.  If the user has not connected to the internet for 6 months, the Update button on the home screen will show a symbol indicating that the user should check for updates.  Also, if there is an new update and the DG-1000 is connected to the internet the DG-1000 will show that a new update is available.


As we exhibit at various trade shows over the next few months, we will be showing attendees the new features of the DG-1000 and especially the Tubing Assistant.  In March we will be hosting a webinar showing the Tubing Assistant as well as a number of new video quick guides that show how to set-up and test using the DG-1000.

Our upcoming shows for February include HPC New York, Better Buildings Better Business in Wisconsin, the Energy Design Conference in Duluth, MN, and RESNET in Orlando.  If you are around, stop in and say hi and see the latest updates.