Date Set for the Discontinuation of the DG-700 and DG-500

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TEC will discontinue sales of both the DG-700 and DG-500 digital pressure gauges as of October 31, 2017.

When the DG-700 was first developed, we used many cutting edge computing products to power the functions and calculations needed for use in building envelope, duct leakage, air flow measurements and more. As technology has advanced, those products within the gauge have become obsolete. To preserve enough of these key parts to service the DG-700 and DG-500 well into the future, we need to discontinue new sales of the DG-700 and DG-500. This part limitation will not affect recalibration of either gauge. As long as the gauge is not damaged, we expect to continue to recalibrate your gauge well into the future.

The DG-1000, with its built-in computer, touch screen, WiFi and new metrics, has surpassed the capabilities of the DG-700. With more updates scheduled throughout 2017, the DG-1000 will continue to be the leading pressure and flow gauge for our industry.

We have built our products to last and will continue to support all of our products as long as possible. Thank you to everyone that has purchased the DG-700 and/or DG-500, and all of our products.