Care, Calibration and Repair of your Digital Gauge

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The heart of any measurement, whether it is a building envelope test or a duct leakage test or measuring airflow at a bath exhaust or air handler, is the digital pressure gauge.  The DG Series of Pressure Gauges from The Energy Conservatory have always been durable, accurate and easy to use.  We recommend that your Digital Gauge, whether DG-500, DG-700 or DG-1000 be factory recalibrated every 2 years.  This ensures that your readings are always accurate. (For DG-2 and DG-3 we still recommend annual calibration especially given the age of these devices.)  We will continue to recalibrate your gauge long into the future.

But like other things, stuff happens.  Repairs are needed to get your DG-700 back in service.  The DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge went into service in 2002.  The DG-500 and DG-700 were discontinued October 31, 2017.  The DG-700 has been a very reliable gauge for 17 years.  We are now starting to see more repairs that are needed on DG-700 Gauges.  It could be that the case is broken, or the LCD is cracked, or the keypad or sensor have gone out.  Whatever it is we will continue to repair the DG-500 and DG-700 as long as there are parts, and we have a lot of parts.

This article is to give you an idea of the typical repairs that we get and an estimate of the cost.  First and foremost, no matter the repair we perform, we will always provide a full factory calibration of the gauge which includes an as found data sheet (a table of all of the values compared to standard before any work is performed) and an as left certificate with all of the new calibration values programmed.  The cost of calibration is $135 shipped anywhere in the Continental US.

Suppose your DG-700 needs repair.  Here are approximate costs before recalibration –

  • Cracked LCD is $32 plus $67.50 in labor
  • Keypad replaced is $63 plus $67.50 in labor
  • A sensor out of commission is $126 plus $67.50 labor
  • A case replacement is $79 plus the Keypad at $63 plus $135 labor
  • If the DG-700 requires an entirely new board the cost is $745 plus $135 labor

Calibration is added to all the above costs.

Sometimes there are combinations of issues that we have to work on.  If the total amount of the repair is less than $425, we will perform the repair and calibration and then send it out.  If the repair is over $425, we will contact you BEFORE we do any work.  This is shown on our Equipment Service Form that is available on our website.

A word about battery leakage – All electronic devices that use alkaline batteries are susceptible to damage caused by the corrosives of battery leakage.  The signs of battery leakage are corrosion and crust on the battery terminals.  If the battery is just starting to leak there will be a liquidy film on the battery.  Battery leakage, once it starts, can be disastrous to your DG-700.  After the battery terminals become corroded it travels up the available wires to the board and can cause the keypad to fail.  If bad enough it travels throughout the board and it is now a catastrophic failure and needs major repair of replacing the board.

Always buy high quality batteries.  When the DG-700 was new and now if we add batteries, we use Panasonic Industrial Grade batteries.  If you are not going to use your DG-700 for a while, even for a couple of weeks, remove the batteries.

On our website there is a lot of information on the care and feeding of your TEC equipment.

Your investment in TEC equipment is important to us and we hope to keep your equipment working for as long as possible.

If you have any questions about calibrations or repairs, please call us and we would be happy to answer them.