Your company faces tough competition. It seems there is always someone who is willing to do the job cheaper and cut quality in the process. At the same time, homeowners commonly shop for the lowest price without understanding the difference a quality installation will have on their comfort and satisfaction. With a duct leakage performance test, you will be able to demonstrate the added value of your quality installation and repair services, and quickly differentiate yourself from the competition.

Close sales by selling quality, comfort and professionalism

Performance testing helps you create a reputation for quality and professionalism during the bidding process. Explaining the testing process and results to a customer demonstrates your understanding of the latest diagnostic and installation techniques. And of course, it lets the customer know you have taken the time to identify the problems and solutions for their building, and not just submitted a “one-size fits all” bid. It also creates peace of mind for your customer. With performance testing, you can explain that there is more to the job than just putting in a new metal box, and you can prove that you will do the job right.



Performance testing makes your jobs more profitable

One of the greatest benefits of performance testing is that you will more thoroughly understand the job before you begin. You will be able to identify duct leakage and other performance problems up front and provide better estimates for the work to be done. By reducing the guess work, you avoid unforeseen performance and comfort problems, size equipment more accurately, and reduce costly callbacks. Demonstrating duct leakage problems and the benefits of duct sealing lets you confidently recommend duct sealing services as part of your bid. This creates added-value for your customer and an added sale for your company.

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